How To Lose Weight Healthy? Start Now With The Magic 0.7 Waist-to-Hip Ratio.

how to lose weight healthy Scientists have long found out that the ideal waist-to-hip ratio is a 0.7. The 0.7 ratio shows off a significantly smaller waist when compared to the hips.

Still, not everyone is blessed with the magic figure and even the ones sporting the much-sought-after hourglass figure do not have the number. So let’s find out how to lose weight healthy and create the ideal bikini figure.

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The Truth About How To Lose Weight Healthy

Statistics show that most women have around 0.8 because of their stressful lifestyles. Women who have to work in a competitive field are prone to produce more Androgens which distribute the fat liberally around the waist thus making the women stronger, more able and competitive but unfortunately takes them far away from the ideal number. So here is the catch. How to lose weight the healthy way and only around the waist?



Well, to be reasonable you cannot target problem areas by exercising only those parts. Doing a 100 stomach crunches will not give you the 36-26-36 figure. Modern women tend to have a 30 inch waist rather than the 26 inches of yesteryear. This could be because women in the 1950’s wore bone corsets which might have helped them to distribute weight in the desired way. You can, however, opt to do spot exercises after working out the entire body. After a good aerobic workout, concentrate on the abdominal muscles for at least 15 minutes before cooling down. Mix up your exercises with walking, swimming, jogging and dancing, whatever else takes your fancy. The idea is to burn up calories the fun way so that you can stick to your goal of losing weight healthy. Lose up to 50 pounds just by dancing with Rockin’ Body – 7 GREAT workouts – click here!


Eat Right.

You might not find the time to exercise in the midst of a busy week. However, you can take the time to eat right with healthy meals to lose weight. Try to cut down on fatty foods and oil by switching over to more of fresh salads and colorful vegetables. The old adage of adding a lot of greens might still work, but colorful choices like bell peppers, carrots and tomatoes can help you to cut inches off your waist. A considerable amount of weight can be lost by cutting down on portion size every day and more belly fat can be avoided by giving up fast foods. Occasional indulgence is okay and you can order salads and avoid the fries.


Cut Down On Unnecessary Calories.

Avoid those sodas as they have a high content of corn syrup and our bodies do not know how to process this type of sugar. This results in the bodies storing up the unprocessed sugar as fat around our bellies. Carrying a water bottle always with you will help you to avoid getting thirsty and reaching for a soda. This is also a good way to cut down on calories and you can soon have a trimmer tummy.


Stick to your new lifestyle.

Now that you got the basics on how to lose weight healthy, started to exercise right and eat right – you have also got to live right. That means, even after you have lost your belly fat and gotten that 0.7 ratio, you cannot relax. It is time to make exercising and eating right a part of your life style to keep that weight off forever. This way, you will not only look good but also feel good for a lifetime.

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