6 Reasons Why Weight Loss For Women Is Different From Men

In spite of being known as a myth, there is nevertheless some truth in the fact that weight loss for women differs from that of men. You will find a variety of different explanations supporting this fact. Generally, women have a different body mechanism that has its effect on their weight. Here are 6 reasons why weight loss in women differs from that of men
Why Weight Loss For Women Is Different From Men

1. Women thrive on a different diet

Men and women have different food choices and this makes up for the difference in the extent of weight loss they achieve. Typically, women consume more carbohydrates than men and men eat more meat than women. This means that it is easy for a man to lose weight as he just has to cut back on his meat intake. By doing this, men can lose weight dramatically while having other food options open for them. In case of women, there won’t be much difference in terms of weight loss till they cut back on their carbohydrate intake, which is definitely more complicated than cutting back on meat.

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2. A woman’s body demands certain amount of fat

Women and men are different when it comes to body design. Generally, women carry higher amounts of fat on their bodies compared to men. The fundamental reason behind this is that the woman’s body demands a set amount of fat to be available at all times in order to properly nurture and support a developing fetus. Due to these reproductive requirements, weight loss for women is more difficult to achieve. In case of men, there are no reproductive requirements involved making it easier for them to shed weight with lesser effort.


3. Men have higher amounts of Testosterone present in their bodies

Testosterone exists in both the genders, but it is present in much more amounts in males than in females. Testosterone is responsible for making muscle mass. The presence of more androgenic hormone or testosterone in the body means more muscle and less fat.

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Testosterone also speeds up the metabolism of the body. Guys generally have quicker metabolisms that are designed for processing foods faster than women. Moreover, the presence of added muscle mass means that there’s much lesser need for fat in the body.

Females are predisposed to keep and retain body fat. Women have higher degrees of estrogen, a hormone responsible for reproductive activities. This hormone stores fat on a woman’s body so as to keep her ready to conceive. This means that women will need to follow a more demanding workout schedule compared to men in order to burn the same number of calories.

4. Fat in a woman’s body is spread all through her frame

weight loss in women

It is generally difficult for a woman to target the unwanted fat in her body as it is spread all through her body frame. In case of men, the fat is more prone to be around the belly. In this respect, women are healthier than men as having stomach fat significantly increases your chance of heart disease. So, males are generally more prone to this disease than females.


5. Men are larger and weigh more

Because men are typically larger and usually weigh more, they have a tendency to burn more calories and lose weight faster. This also applies to overweight and shorter men. For example, an individual weighing 155 pounds can burn around 596 calories in an hour running at 5 mph, but an individual weighing 185 pounds burns up about 710 calories in an hour running at the same speed. Regardless of whether a person weighs more because of height or extra pounds, he will normally burn more calories during any activity.

Men not just burn more calories due to size they have but also because of additional muscle mass that is present, which is more dense than fat. When compared to women, men normally have a higher muscle-to-fat ratio.


6. Men are more responsive to exercises

Men are more responsive to exercises while a woman’s body goes into a kind of starvation mode, slowing down the metabolism to prevent body fat from burning. Women also have a reduced tolerance to workouts due to their smaller lung capacities. However, this does not mean that weight loss for women is impossible to achieve.

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In summary – everybody loses weight in a different way, and genes play a big role in how fast you can lose weight.

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