6 Simple Tips To Weight Loss

Obesity has slowly but surely become one of the nations, and indeed the worlds, most severe pandemic in recent times. Do you struggle to lose weight and can’t find success with traditional diets or exercise routines?

Poor lifestyle choices and eating habits have made us a generally overweight species in constant search of tips to weight loss.

Tips To Weight Loss & Quick Weight Loss Tips

Quick Weight Loss Tips

This is not to say that there aren’t people dying of hunger in parts of the world. Sadly, there are. But for those of us lucky enough to have more than enough to eat, we do so in such an unhealthy fashion which only leads to ‘love handles’, ‘beer guts’, and waist sizes the size of a small country.  For those of us slightly bigger than we care to admit, we look for weight loss tips. Well, to help you with that quest, here are a few tips to get you started on that long but slim and fit journey.


1. Put down the burger and French fries

Most people think that losing weight is about eating less. To some extent, that is true. But just eating less junk doesn’t really help. You could get smaller along the waist line, but chances are very high that your weight will only plateau.

You need to eat less junk but more healthy “food to lose weight”. Incorporate fruits, more vegetables, drink more water and less yogurt and most of all, eat healthy proteins and carbohydrates.

This includes things with Omega 3 fatty acids like salmon. White meat and nuts are a great sources of protein, fats and carbohydrates that are not only good for your health, but if eaten sparingly, lead to healthy weight loss.

2. Exercise

Yes, jog, walk, ride a bike, take the stairs, join a gym, go swimming…these are all things you should be doing when looking to lose weight.

The goal should be to lose weight in a healthy fashion. Just cutting down on your food intake will leave you with massive amounts of unsightly flab.

Incorporate exercise to get you fit and well toned, this is both healthy and sexy. I know, 24 hours a day doesn’t seem like nearly enough time to fit in work, school, kids and housework.

3. Set realistic goals

The number one reason as to why people trying to lose weight often fail is because they try to do too much, too fast. Losing half a pound or one a week is fine. Trying to lose ten pounds in three days is suicidal and you are more likely to backslide into your old eating habits when you fail to achieve this.

4. Get a personal trainer

The beauty about personal trainers is that they take your targets as seriously as if they were there own. You need this. People often tend to be lenient with themselves. You need someone who will ensure that you keep on track, are doing the healthy thing and most of all, someone who will continuously motivate you to achieve your set goals. That’s what a personal trainer does.

5. Get a diet and stick to it

More and more people are into the Paleo diet now. That is not to say that it is for everyone. If you can afford one, get a dietician to give you tips for weight loss and what sort of diet you should be on according to your goals and starting point. If you can’t, find something online or through health professional referrals that works just the same and stick to it.

6. Clear out your fridge

Last but not least, this is my favorite among the quick weight loss tips. It is difficult to stay on a diet when you have all that temptation hanging about in your kitchen. Clear out your fridge and fill it with a healthier choice of foods.

These are just some tips to weight loss that should get you well on your way to a better, much leaner body. Remember to drink plenty of water and take breaks. No need to kill yourself while you are at it!

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