5 Apps for Healthcare Providers to Use

The healthcare industry has greatly benefitted from the technological developments in the past decade. They’ve utilised all advancements in equipment and software to enhance their level of patient care. The same goes with apps. Though you may not think it, apps have proved to be exceptionally useful to healthcare professionals. With this in mind, here are 5 apps for healthcare providers to use:

image mobile-app for healthcare providers
  1. Medscape

The Medscape app is essentially a medical database for healthcare professionals. It provides the user with an updated library of diseases and conditions, allowing them to stay on-top of any new outbreaks or concerns. This way of working is also more effective than referring to medical encyclopaedias as they may not contain the latest information. What’s more, it also has information on thousands of pharmaceutical drugs at their fingertips. The app even features a special drug identification tool. This can help those in the healthcare sector to quickly and accurately identify pills based on their shape, colour and imprint.

  • Dock Health

This revolutionary app has been carefully created by app developers to assist the healthcare industry. This secure hub is almost like a task manager for colleagues. It provides a HIPAA compliant system, helping employees to prioritise, delegate and track various tasks. This alerts the team as to which tasks should take priority, allowing them to deliver effective, high-quality care to their patients. This collaborative platform is set to change the way teams can interact and operate.

  • Sidelines Guides

Ever thought whether an app would be useful for college athletes? Sidelines Guides believed this was a gap in the market, and they were right. This educational tool for medical providers helps the treatment of high school and college athletes on the side lines of the pitch. This app includes advice from knowledgeable healthcare experts to help quickly diagnose athletic injuries. It will also recommend treatment in the training room and beyond.

  • Yes Health

Interestingly, this app is being used to help those who suffer from diabetes. It’s currently included as part of a new program at the Diabetes Centre at the University of California in San Francisco. The app will enable patients with pre-diabetes symptoms to share de-identified data with UCSF researchers. In return, the user will receive coaching from nutritionists, dieticians and fitness trainers. The university has partnered with Yes Health to try and raise more awareness about diabetes, offering prevention programs that includes the app and coaches.

  • Pulsara

The Pulsara app for healthcare providers is excellent for use in emergency rooms. It’s already available in 20 states across the US but is set to reach a wider audience in the near future. It enables EMS providers to alert emergency rooms from the field for any patient. They’re able to transmit information about vital signs and concerns. The employee can even upload an image of the ECG or a photo of the patient’s injury. Additionally, it will automatically notify the hospital of the location of the ambulance, as well as their estimated time of arrival.

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