Carbohydrate Diet Vs Fat Diet – Which One Is Worse?

For many years it had been thought that a carbohydrate diet was innately not a good idea. Eat sugar and carbs and you’ll gain weight, approximately the thinking went, as sugar was to blame for the current obesity epidemic. On the other side many experts say too much fat and protein in our daily meals is to blame. It had been therefore natural to create low fat diets as the result.

Carbohydrate diet compared
Carbohydrate diet compared

The Problem Of Obesity In Western Society

In Britain approximately 25% of the population is obese. More disturbingly this figure is anticipated to rise dramatically by the year 2050. The challenge of obesity is not limited simply to adults either, because 1/3 of the kids between the ages of two and fifteen are either obese or overweight. It looks like we’re facing a critical health crisis.

A Brand New Perspective On Fat, Carbs And Diet

People battling their own bulging waistlines may stay wondering whether reducing sugary treats or decreasing the amount fat of their diet is the ideal approach.

Researchers tried to answer these questions by comparing the main advantages of a carb free versus a fat free diet. Recently there was a study with two genetically identical twins – one eliminated virtually almost all the fat and protein and was on a high carbs diet. The other twin was on a non carbohydrate diet, he removed almost all sugars and carbohydrates in his daily meals and ate only protein and fat. They both were allowed to eat as much as they wanted (BBC Horizon, Chris and Xand Van Tulleken).

research on fat and carb low diet
Research on fat and carb low diet

The explanation for a low carbohydrate diet may be convincing, because carbs raise a person’s blood sugar levels and stimulate the body to create insulin. High insulin levels suppress the hormone Glucagon, which promotes the burning of fat and sugar. In addition, sugar that our cells don’t use accumulates as fat. This can lead to serious medical problems including hypertension, raised cholesterol and of course obesity.

The case study which looked at precisely the same twins also tested mental and physical performance in accessory to weight loss. On the low carbohydrate diet with fat and protein rich food the one twin had a decline in both mental and physical performance. Surprisingly his insulin levels were alarming bad and the risk to develop diabetes were highly increased. While the fat rich diet results in a bigger weight loss it came with a significant loss in muscles mass as well. The lower fat diet produced less over all weight loss but did not have the identical impact on cognitive and physical performance and insulin levels.

Laboratory Studies On High Fat And High Carbohydrate Diet

In a study at Scripps institute the consequence of high fat and high sugar diets on laboratory rats in isolation had little effect. But when the lab rats were offered a tasty combination of high sugar and high fat the result was substantial. The rats gave up all other food sources in preference to the tasty fat and sugar food and also continue to come back to their favorite food on a consistent basis. As a result the rats gained plenty of weight, became highly sedentary and slept more often than the control group.

The Risks Of Junk Foods And Processed Foods

  • Today’s conveniently processed foods suppress the natural feeling of fullness and making it longing for more. This is mainly because of the added flavor enhancer MSG. The more frequently you eat MSG, the more you’ll eat.
  • The reward center in our brain is triggered and releases dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter into our bloodstream. This is because many of our favorite snacks come with the “right 1:2 mix” of sugar and fat in calories. So no wonder why for example glazed donuts are simply irresistible.

The easy supply of junk foods which combine both sugar and fat will be the leading reason why obesity is becoming a real significant problem. Consumers are surrounded by processed foods that are both very tasty but in addition quite high in calories.

To be able to subdue the longing of these foods has not yet surprisingly become very challenging. People who are looking to shed weight should think about the outcome that consuming a diet of processed foods will do to their overall health.

In conclusion

If you compare the carbohydrate diet to the protein/fat diet, neither one is a winner. Your body actually needs a well-balanced diet, but you should stay away from processed and fast food as much as possible. Instead try a weight loss system that gives you 7x GREATER fat loss than conventional diet plans, without dieting or giving up your favorite comfort foods.

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