Calorie Shifting – An Easy Weight Loss System

The theory of calorie shifting is not a new idea, but has only recently been made known to the public. For now, this theory is considered as one of the most practical control diets and weight loss plans on the market. In order to eliminate body fat, common sense dictates that you have to eat less and exercise more. So many diets today focus only on the calories consumed.

Why is the calorie shifting diet different?

It is true that the basic idea behind a weight loss diet is to get the body to burn more calories than stored. But, it may be time to reconsider the simple equation that says that reduced calorie intake equals weight lost.

Science has shown, however, that if you really want to attack the problem at its core, you must find a way to directly manipulate your body’s metabolism to induce fat burning.

The calorie shifting theory is very simple and easy to follow.

You need to plan your calorie intake per day in advance, and follow the plan diligently. This diet is very flexible and does not place restrictions on what to eat or not.

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The beauty of this plan is that there are no side effects, no need to starve, and no need to deprive yourself of a little indulgence. Many people have found the theory of shifting calories a very successful solution. It is highly recommended that you test this theory once. If you feel that it does not work for you, you can always go back to their old ways here without encountering any problems or you can try intermittent fasting by Dr. Mosley.

The shifting calorie diet creates a healthy balance.

Ironically, you need to eat fat to lose fat – you need to eat a balanced diet of fat and protein with healthy carbohydrates. With the calorie cycling diet you are free to eat all kinds of food. The reason it works for fat loss and rapid weight loss is that calories are changing frequently. For a time, you can focus on some fatty foods, then in some carbohydrates. By the time the body thinks it has found out what´s going on, you changed to something else already.

The calorie shifting diet menu is a fast weight loss diet plan.

This is basically a rate just below one pound per day and a very rapid rate to lose-weight. Imagine if you could be a pound lighter each day than it was yesterday. This is not a low calorie diet, you do not lose weight on this diet by reducing only calories.

Relax, no need to count calories at all. The amount of food you eat is totally and entirely subjective, and varies from person to person. This is not a diet low in carbohydrates, a low sodium or low-fat diet. You get to eat a healthy balance of foods from the four main food groups.

The calorie shifting method is different from any other diet plan, as it offers a totally unique approach to weight loss and fat burning as almost any other diet you may have ever read about: Natural weight loss is not achieved by reducing or eliminating the consumption of various food categories. This is achieved through manipulation of metabolism of the body.

The metabolism of your body is directly affected by the types of foods you eat, how much you eat and when you eat. If you can eat the right combination of foods in the right amount at the right time, it can induce fat burning. In the case of calorie shifting, weight loss can be reasonably expected to occur at a rate of 1 lb per day.

How to calorie shift – Here is a diet plan sample menu

DAY 1 of your shifting calories diet:
Meal No. 1: kiwis, sausage, pastrami
Meal No. 2: turkey, shrimp, apricots
Meal No. 3: peanuts, cheese
Meal No. 4: chicken, tuna salad, apples

DAY 2 of your shifting calories menu:
Meal No. 1: fruit
Meal No. 2: fruits
Meal No. 3: fruits
Meal No. 4: sandwich – made with lean meat

DAY 3 in your shifting calories meal plan:
Meal No. 1: eggs, milk
Meal No. 2: bacon, ham
Meal No. 3: chicken, tuna salad
Meal No. 4: grilled meat, eggs, pineapple and orange milkshake

If you ask does a calorie shift work, yes it really does! This may be the diet for you, because you can lose weight now while you can enjoy eating regular foods.

One of the best calorie shifting diets is “The Half Day Diet

Dieting should not be unpleasant and boring, “Diet Just HALF a Day” shows you how to make a diet easy and fun! A key feature is that this program is very balanced. One of the most fantastic features of this plan is the fact that actually allows you to choose your favorite foods, which in turn will be included in your customized 11 days diet plan.

To prepare your own meals at home is not as demanding as it sounds. Most meals are simple and easy to create. Moreover, all the dishes are to make with ingredients that can be found at your nearest grocery store. If you like to enjoy a glass of wine on the table, this plan is acceptable to have a glass every day. Feeling hungry is not beneficial, while dieting; this program keeps you full in a healthy way.

The calorie shifting diet plan offers easy solutions.

This calorie cycling plan consists of an online “diet generator” program that calculates and produces food plans for the user on the basis of various factors such as height, weight, body type, the activity level and many others.

The programs calorie shifting diet generator software is made to do all the thinking and calculation for you, so you do not have to. The only thing that you are responsible to do is to prepare the meals and then eat at the times given.

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